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The site works with all its games and casinos in Arabic. You can also choose your favorite casino in another country such as UAE, Bahrain or other Asian countries. You find the best international casinos in Arabic such as 888 Casino, 777 Casino, YYY Casino , and BetFinal Casino . Very high quality of everything. You can always browse the ratings and opinions of players and professionals in different casinos and games before starting to play. Here is a table containing the available countries, the available virtual casinos, the games in each of them, and the ratings and opinions of users and experts in betting and gambling.

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Kuwait888 Casino, 777 Casino, YYY Casino , and BetFinal Casino .Demo version, Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Various card games.You will find all reviews displayed for all Arab casinos and all games. Choose the right casino, the games you are good at, and start playing and winning right away with online gambling.
The United Arab Emirates
the two seas

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Nestling quietly but confidently in a leafy suburb of vibrant South Belfast is a very special little place owned and run with love by a very special lady.

Clare Afshar is the owner and head stylist of Vintage Rocks Hair Parlour. The wallas are awash with Gil Elvgren pin-ups, the floor is eye-catching with its black and white tiling and the furniture evoking 17th century French luxury is most inviting.

Vintage Rocks! Looking for the ultimate in good hair days? Take a trip to Newtownbreda – N.I’s first vintage hair salon! Since its grand opening in August, Vintage Rocks has rapidly become the place to be seen for Belfast’s fashion elite.

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I wanted to be able to own a place where I could make women feel sexy and somewhere that they would come for an experience.

Sitting in the parlour one cannot help but be impressed by the charm of the place. The decor bursts with personality and charm but above all it echoes the unique personality of the lady behind it all.

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I don’t know if you have noticed recently, but the women of Belfast are getting curls.GHD hair straightening, a devoutly practised morning ritual, is fast succumbing to a tidal wave of vintage licks — the iconic Hollywood era has hit our hearts as well as our hair-dos, and a share of it has to be down to Clare Afshar.

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As the eyes of the world focused on London this Summer, it was not just the sporting prowess of international athletes that was in the spotlight. London’s breathtaking architecture – the ornate façades of Westminster, the turrets of Tower Bridge, the majestic dome of St Pauls – all spoke of a rich historical heritage at the heart of British life.

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